Гџ Making changes by keeping fit
Making changes by keeping fit

My name's Julia and I'm 23. I can proudly call myself a Fitblr ;) That's why i try to keep this blog (as well as myself) healthy and fit. I also (re)post some other stuff: inspiring, true, funny etc

Kilos lost: 23 (50 lbs)


How can someone be horny all day every day?..well I am

*shy but actually a sex freak*

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if u cant handle me at my worst then i completely understand bc i cant either

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Fuck what my stomach looks like in a bikini or what my thighs look like in shorts. I want my plate to be colorful for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I want to run a mile and feel like running 10 more afterwards. I want to feel like I’m filled to the brim with energy all day long. I just want to be healthy.

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